Oh Canada

I have been in Vancouver for about a week. It is always pleasant to be in Vancouver in the summer time… but, and I repeat, ONLY in the summer. From September until June this town is rainy and depressing.

I am leaving on Sunday, flying on Zoom (flyzoom.com) which operates cheap flights from Canada to Europe. I will be landing in Glasgow, which is kinda neat for me, as I believe I am half Scottish (note to family: correct me if I am wrong here… cuz otherwise being in Glasgow will be way less meaningful!).

I think I will stay in Scotland for a couple days… I don’t know how far Berwick is from Glasgow, but if it is close I might pop out there and see if I am the king there or anything. If I am not, hopefully I get discounts there or something. 😛

After Glasgow, I don’t know where exactly I will go… I am leaning towards Eastern Europe (Prague, Budapest… maybe Warsaw). Ryan Air operates flights out of Scotland and the price is literally ludicrous. Like $8 to go to almost anywhere?? Not sure how they are making money… maybe they make you digest bags of cocaine for them to transport or something as part of the deal… 😛 Hey, for $8 to go to Rome, I’ll swallow a few bags of narcotics.

That’s it for now… the last few weeks have been fairly non-descript as I have been in plain old North America, but hopefully will have some interesting stories over the coming weeks/months.