Got Haggis?

I arrived in Glasgow on Monday morning. Maybe I should start making up more normal stories for customs people because whenever I tell them the truth it really confuses them. I prefer travelling to countries where they don’t speak english because at least then they just stamp my passport and that is it.

When I arrived in Glasgow, the lady asked me how long I was staying in Scotland. I said, just a few days… like maybe 2 days. She asked, “You flew all the way from Canada to Scotland just for 2 days?”… i said yes. then she asked where I was going after Scotland, I replied I didn’t know yet.

Then she asked what I was going to do here. I responded, “I dunno… the usual. Go to a restaurant… maybe go out for a drink”… she responded, “you flew all the way here just to go to a restaurant?”…

She asked for proof of my hotel… I said I booked it electronically… she said, “you must have some sort of documents… proof of hotel.. proof of flight etc”… I told her it is all electronic, why would I print it out?

She got pretty flustered… she ended up calling my hotel to verify I was staying there.

The biggest problem I have with all these issues I have with customs people is that I don’t understand what it is they think I am doing that is a threat to their country?? And neither do they, obviously. Anyway… its always irritating…

So I got in at 8am and by the time I got through customs it was 10am. I didn’t sleep at all on the plane (the bane of my existence) so I really had barely slept in nearly 48 hours, so I got to the hotel and fell asleep until 8pm! Then I went out, ate, and decided to watch a movie to pass some time… War of the Worlds… some cool effects but a totally dumb story.

Then I went back to the hotel and managed to fall asleep around 3am, but I woke up at 8am… so I thought I was at least on the proper timezone now. But around 10am I felt sleepy so decided to take a ‘nap’… I didn’t wake up until 8pm again! So I am screwed again I think!

I will likely go out for some food now and find some way to pass the hours until I am tired again… so, in essence, I came to Scotland and spent two days sleeping in my hotel. I wish I would have told the customs woman that… “so you came ALL this way from Canada to Scotland to sleep for two days?”… lol, yep.

I am leaving tomorrow for Stockholm, Sweden. It is kinda rainy here and I don’t really like the feel of the town… kinda gloomy and crappy… so that is enough of Scotland. Bring on Sweden tomorrow.