Stockholm… A town built entirely on Ikea Furniture

I just arrived in Stockholm late last night (Wednesday night). I only pretty much rode the bus in from the Skavsta airport which is about 100km away from Stockholm (Ryan Air flys there because it is cheaper) and then walked around the area of my hotel to get some food and then went to sleep, but already I am liking this city.

First of all, it looked amazingly beautiful. I didn’t see too much but Stockholm is built on 14 islands around one of Europe’s largest mediaeval city centers.

I can also see where Ikea designs came from… the airport, and my hotel all have an Ikea style to them… but they are all very cool. In fact, all of the design I have seen here so far has been veeerrry cool… I like the style… modern, minimalist, clean.

One thing that surprised me is that Sweden is VERY North. I didn’t realize that Stockholm is on the 59th latitude. For those that don’t know, Vancouver is on the 49th parallel… each degree of latitude is approximately 60 nautical miles (66 miles). So, Sweden is 600 miles north of Vancouver… in other words, about the same latitude as Alaska!!!

You can feel it too… I got in at 11pm last night and all the Swedes were talking about how lucky I was because the weather is perfect… but it was frickin cold… like needed a warm jacket kind of cold.

However, I checked the weather stats on Stockholm and it actually doesn’t really get all that cold in the winter… the average temp in December is -1c, surprisingly. Ben West, who knows lots of useless info, told me that is because of the Gulf Stream.

So, the true test of Stockholm will come in the ensuing evenings as I go out and meet Stockholm people. And by people I mean girls. If they are as nice and beautiful as their country appears to be then this place may be great!

However, no matter how good this place may be, it still doesn’t mean that Marcus Naslund can lead the Canucks to a Stanley Cup. You need a Canadian captain to do that. Go Oilers.