Sveden… ABBA Baby

After taking a ‘nap’ from 2pm until 10pm accidentally yesterday I decided that even though I was groggy and didn’t feel like doing anything I should go out as I have been in Europe for 4 days now (3 in Scotland, 1 in Sweden) and basically have spent the entire time in my hotel room sleeping.

The happening area here is called Stureplan, and the most popular club there is called Kharma so I went there.

First, Sweden is very small. Did you know the population of Sweden is only 9 million? And less than 2 million live in Stockholm. So the country has less people than certain neighborhoods in China’s 30th largest city.

But the country makes up for its sparcety with good looks and smelling good. Seriously, everyone here smells great. Actually, the shampoo in my hotel smells amazing… I don’t know what that smell is, but I really like it. Everyone here smells like they have been in a Spa, that is all I know.

Girls: if you are looking for good looking cool guys, I think you need to check out Sweden.

As for the fashion… wow I have never seen so many guys wearing pink and light blue shirts… I can definitely see why we kick their ass at hockey… they are definitely not aggressive, macho people. But they are still cool… but if you are expecting the Vancouver Canucks to win led by Marcus Naslund and the Sedin twins, forget about it… The Oilers, led by hard hitting Canadians like Ryan Smith and Chris Pronger will walk all over them.

The other really cool thing about Swedish people, is that their national language is Swedish… which is kinda crazy… sorta like Canadians just speaking Canadian, not English or French… but everyone here speaks VERY good English… like PERFECT English… and it is kinda cool, a few times I have had someone speak to me in Swedish, and I’ll respond with the internationally understood, “huh?!?”… and then they will say it in English, and then apologize… obviously they don’t need to apologize for speaking their national language, but it says a lot about their character and politeness that they will apologize to someone just for speaking their own language. Kicks butt on Americans who, if someone doesn’t speak perfect ‘english’ will say, “learn the language, yer in ‘merica”…

So, after my first night in Stockholm I would have to say I highly recommend it. Very nice… very cool… and like I said, smells great! And almost every cab plays Abba, so you can’t beat that.