Leaving Sveden, going to Berlin

I have had a pretty good time in Sweden… I would have had a great time if I EVER got adjusted to the timezone. I pretty much have spent 5 out of the 6 days here either sleeping, or wide awake at 5am (like now) in my hotel room. A friend of mine, Tran Tran, told me once that she felt like she was living on “invisible time” (she told me this after going to raves every day for weeks!)… I never knew what she meant but I think I understand now. I really have no concept of time at the moment… and I am either awake (but in a strange state of awakeness) or sleeping all day.

I went to sleep last night (well afternoon) at 5pm and just woke up at around 3am which is the closest I have come yet to getting on normal hours… and will spend some of today travelling, which will make it so I can’t sleep during the day, so hopefully I will now finally be adjusted to European time.

Last notes on Stockholm: I HIGHLY recommend Stockholm as a place to come visit in the summertime. The city is absolutely beautiful… and the people are almost all incredibly nice, intelligent, and like I said, everyone speaks perfect english. I have been very nicely surprised by Sweden… if their weather in the summer lasted all year long I would be very tempted to stay here for a while… but it gets very dark and cool/cold here in the fall/winter/spring so I think I will have to consider Sweden as only a great place to visit in the summer…

I decided to just hop on a plane today, and picked Berlin as my destination. It’s so cool how everything is so close in Europe… I could go to any of hundreds of interesting places all within 1-4 hour flight away. And there are dozens of low cost airlines all competing for business… I think my flight to Berlin today (1.5 hours) is approximately $90. If i planned ahead by a few weeks/months, I could get even a lot cheaper than that… but I never plan ahead. I was considering taking the train to Copenhagen, Denmark… but it looked like it would take quite a bit longer (5 hours) and would be more expensive than my flight to Berlin. It is pretty crazy when the flights are almost all cheaper than the trains. I think at some point I will take a train if it is convenient just to check it out tho…

Between travelling almost constantly, and being jetlagged the last few weeks… plus I had a bit of a stomach bug a few weeks ago, I have barely been eating. On average I have been having one meal a day… sometimes two… but I eat about half of what I normally eat at a meal… I am incredibly thin at the moment… I have what appears to be 1-2% body fat at the moment… which is kinda cool… but I would prefer to be a bit heavier/more muscled… but if I can keep all the fat off and put on some muscle that’d be awesome.

So, that is part of the reason I chose Berlin as my next destination. I found what appears to be a great hotel, right downtown, for a very good price (about $50 USD a night) and it has a full spa and gym in the hotel, which I can access for free. So I am intending to go to Berlin for at least a few days, and maybe as long as a week or more and just working out, spending time in the spa, and hopefully eating more and healthier to get back into shape.

I am also hoping to get more organized (all my finances etc… since I lost my laptop on the boat it has taken me until now to get all the software etc to begin rebuilding all my financial programs etc) and also get some work done (both some writing for SH, some business research, and also work some more on the movie script I have been working on)… Berlin sounds like it may be a good place to work on some writing… I hear it is very trendy, young, and artistic… I will let you know later today when I get there what it is like.