mmm mmm Saurekraut!

I got into Berlin today… my hotel kinda pist me off because they said they had wireless internet in all the rooms but they didn´t mention it costs $5 per hour! I use the internet about 20 hours a day, so u do the math. i could buy the whole internet for that price!

So I am a bit tikt, and at a net cafe… to add a bit further to my displeasure, the german keyboards have some of the keys in the wrong place. So this is taking me twice as long to type as usual… but i am kinda already getting used to it so now when i get to use my laptop again I will have to relearn it too. Damn nazis!

As I write this it is 4pm and I feel like it is 2am… I am dying to sleep but am gonna try to stay up until at least 7 or 8 to try to continue normalizing my sleep hours.

Anyway, I got in… weather is nice… seems quite nice. I can see why Hitler liked it. How many nazi jokes do you think i will pull this week? Answer: plenty, they deserve it.

As soon as I got in I was hungry, so I went to one of the local streetside cafes and tried to order what looked the most authentic… I think I ordered something called “brattenwurstermeitzen mit saukkerautt”. It sounded like it was weiners with sauerkraut… and it was! mmm mmm. And I had a German pilsner to wash it down. I felt kinda weird just eating basically a hot dog without a bun, and wondered if other people were laughing at me… but as I walked along later I noticed literally EVERYBODY at the cafes were eating basically the same thing. I think the French are a bit more in the right zone with Wine and Cheese, rather than weiners, onions and beer… but to each weird European country its own!

Oh man… got to find something to do for at least another 4 hours cuz if I go to sleep now I will continue to be screwed… was up at 3am this morning… ugh.