Greek Isles

I arrived in Mykonos and proceeded to sleep through it, again. However, a day later I decided to hop on a ferry and go to the ‘party’ island of Ios. That was about 5 or 6 days ago… I have since managed to pretty much get on some normal sleeping hours for the FIRST time in weeks!

Mykonos: I didn’t really do much in Mykonos, but it seems really cool… I went to the beach and had two bottles of Greek beer, called Alpha Beer… the bottles here come in 500ml bottles, so 2 is more than enough! I then got sleepy and ended up sleeping all night and getting up early in the morning again.

Ios: I then went to Ios. It was cool being out on the ocean again… man what a difference it was being on a cat called the Flying Cat, compared to my 35′ sailing cat! I am not sure, but it appears like this Flying Cat is powered by jet engines?! The thing flies… and is smooth as can be, practically sailing over the water!! We must have been doing around 40 knots… compared to my average speed around 4 or 5 knots!! Oh man, I don’t think I will get a sailboat again… I just don’t have the patience for it.

Ios is pretty cool. I didn’t book any hotels or anything before getting here (this is becoming my standard way of doing things now… I just show up, walk around, and find something). I stayed the first night in kinda a crappy hotel call Nissos on Myoplatos Beach. But the next day I walked around and found a really cool little hotel called Hermes. It has nice clean rooms with view overlooking this huge bay off of a cliff. It has also has a fantastic swimming pool area with its own pool bar etc. I stayed there for 4 nights… only cost 45 euros a night too!

If you are looking for a fun, party style island I would definitely recommend Ios. Every night of the week here is crazy… they have dozens of clubs and most of them are full every night. My only complaint is the great majority of people here are from either Australia or the UK. I would have preferred a more Euro crowd… but maybe Santorini will be more Euro. I really don’t know how all these Aussies got here… 98% of the people who work at all the clubs/net cafes/etc are all Aussie too… it is kinda like being at Bondi Beach in Sydney here! The flight from Australia to Greece must be an absolute killer…

They have a decent gym here… plus I spent part of every day here either at the beach or the pool, so I am feeling pretty healthy, tanned and good… It was a good choice to come down here I think.

I am now at the Far Out Beach club, a cool place to hang out in Ios with swimming pools, bars, pool tables etc. They have a net cafe here. I am waiting to get on a ferry to Santorini at 4:50pm. I hear Santorini is supposed to be really cool, so will go check it out.

Not sure how much longer I will stay in the Greek Isles after Santorini. I am planning to be in Hong Kong and China around September 24 on some business, so might start making my way across the mideast and India etc over the next couple weeks to shorten any super long flight times (anything over 8 hours really sucks…)

But, as usual, we will see… I am just going with the flow.