Day 2 in Budapest: I found myself at a McDonalds walkthrough window lineup at 4am last night and saw one of the most disturbing food related things I have ever seen.

Here in Hungary, one of the burgers is called a “McFarm”!?!?! Lol, I guess they are finally sort of admitting that the meat in the burgers is pretty much an assortment of a gumbo of animals and animal parts… most easily related by using a word that connotes an entire cross section of animals, manure, fertilizer and other unknown agents.

Even more worrisome, Google indexes more than 8 million webpages on the interweb and there is not one mention of McDonalds McFarm. Budapest’s dirty little secret?

Other than that meat related discovery… I had a good time in Budapest yesterday… I like it here… met a lot of Budapest girls, but none of them charged me $500 for coffee, so, so far so good.

For anyone interested in visiting Budapest, I find that most things are fairly cheap (food, drinks etc), but hotels seem quite expensive for what you get… I would have expected the hotels to be 30-50% cheaper than what they charge. But they are all full (I had trouble even getting a room tonight… ended up getting one at a spa/hotel called Hotel Normfa for about $120 CDN per night… decided to stay there because it was one of the only hotels I could get into, plus I intend to use all their facilities and have a good day of work and working out.

On another side note, for those interested in travelling and saving money on hotels… I have found that a lot of ‘hostels’ that you don’t find listed on sites like Expedia under hotels (but can find on sites like and usually offer private rooms, which are essentially the same as a hotel room (sometimes less facilities tho… but I rarely use any hotel services other than tv and internet anyway). These hostels can be up to 70% less than regular ‘hotels’ and sometimes can be just as nice. My sidenote to this is, that in Budapest, I have found that most ‘hostels’ here aren’t that nice (see last story) so I am definitely staying in real hotels while I am here, although it is more than I like to spend… I think, because of this, I will likely leave on Saturday somewhere.

I have now decided (my plans change by the day) that I will likely train around Central and Western Europe for the next two weeks (Vienna, Prague, Munich, Rome, south of France, Paris) and then go to London from where I will take a flight to Dubai… then Bangkok… then Hong Kong and China by the 26th of September and then I will be in China for a few weeks looking at some business opportunities… from there it is fairly unknown… although I do need to be in NYC in November for a board meeting… from there I may go to Canada to renew my passport and then I might finally make it to Brasil where, if I like it, I may buy a small apartment or house on the beach there (its incredibly cheap… so good investment plus a nice place to have a place if you gotta have one).

But anyway, thats the plan for now… all subject to massive change at a moments notice. Who knows, if the girls in Budapest keep treating me so nicely I might just stay here. 😉