The cost of internet!

In the last year I have spent stupidly huge amounts of money to get the internet, and have also spent stupidly small amounts… what is up with the price of the internet around the world?

By far the most I spent was on my stupid boat internet system that I didn’t notice cost actually 8 times more than I thought… so instead of spending $2,000 over a few months to get internet on the boat, I ended up spending $16,000. That really hurt.

But besides that one irritating period, there is just huge variations in the price of the internet. When I was in Central and South America, the average cost at internet cafes was $0.25-$1.00 per hour, and at a few places where I frequented, whenever the girls were working they usually gave it to me free!

But then you go to places like Greece and Budapest, where it can be up to $10 per hour!

But I just got into Bratislava (and btw, only been here a few hours and it looks AMAZING! Will have more details tomorrow), but they have wireless free hotspots all over the city… I am at a cafe right now using Pizza Hut’s free wireless network… so I am spending $0 here…

And then you get a huge range of internet prices in the hotels… many of the smaller/medium hotels I go to offer free internet, which is awesome.. and many have wireless now. But some of the larger ones are ridiculous. At the Hyatt in San Salvador, they were charging $5 per 15 minutes!?!?! And in San Jose (the home of the freaking internet!) the hotel only had a kiosk that was like $0.25 per minute or something?!?!?!

But even disregarding that whopping satellite internet bill, I still probably average about $300 per month just to get internet… it all depends where I am, some months are much less, some are more. But the cool thing is the internet is everywhere… I haven’t been to a place yet where I couldn’t find the internet at all.. so I am at least happy for that… for the internet is my lord and saviour. 😛