Bratislava… unt now Vienna

So I spent one night in Bratislava… neat little place. One of the interesting things I found about it, is that a lot of young people there REALLY love hip hop… I haven’t even really heard much hip hop in a long time… barely any in South America, Sweden, Greece, Budapest… but in Bratislava there are these hip hop kids everywhere… I actually heard 2 or 3 REALLY good french rap tracks there… I wish I knew what they were cuz they were actually very good. Actually, now that I think about it, there was a lot of french stuff there… hmm, wonder what that is all about.

If you are ever looking to go somewhere that is just neat/different, put Bratislavia, Slovakia on your list. So many little things that were neat there… everyone seemed really nice too… like almost too nice… this one guy went out of his way, walking with me for 5 blocks to show me where I could get free wireless with my laptop… but he might have been gay… that might explain that one. But everyone just seems really cool there in general.

Bratislava is pretty small, so after one night of taxi’ing it around from club to club, I had pretty much seen the whole place… so on Sunday I took a Hydrofoil up the Danube river to Vienna, Austria.

Hotels seem really expensive here, so I spent a while just walking around trying to find anything under 100 Euro’s per night… I finally found one around 10pm and checked in and went to bed. I will stay here today… they apparently have Europe’s largest poker room here so I will likely go check that out and see if I can get some Austrian’s to pay for my hotel… I had a really good night in Budapest at one place which was like free money… there were at least 3 or 4 players at the table that were just terrible. I was up about $700 at one point, but then I got a bit cocky with this one guy who always played terrible cards, but he actually had an okay hand… I dropped $300 on that hand, but still walked with $400. I’d have to say the majority of my losses come when I get a bit too cocky… I’ve got to control that more at the poker table.

On that note, it did actually occur to me the other night, while at a casino in Budapest, that I am living a pretty interesting life at the moment. I was sitting there at quite a high class casino in Budapest, after having spent the day researching and trading stocks, commodities and currencies, as well as working on a political book and a movie script, then went to the casino to play fairly high stakes no limit poker… then I went to a really cool outdoor club called Rio in Budapest… ran into some people who said they were from Vancouver and are StockHouse users… get a lot of attention from the girls… etc.

While it is interesting… and I am doing it for 2 main reasons: 1) education… I find the only way I can really learn about countries/places is to go there and see what it is like and talk to the people etc… and 2) life presented me with complete freedom a few months ago, so the time never seemed better to spend a few months travelling the world.

That said, though, I can’t say I am really all that happy or anything. Many who know me well know I’d be just as happy being in a very small apartment somewhere, maybe close to a beach, with a good internet connection, Hi Def tv setup and just spend all day reading/researching/writing etc… and just eat/cook good simple food and exercise…

But for now, this is the path I have chosen and I do not regret it, although I think when I finally find a place I want to live, or something i want to do, I will be very happy to stay in one place for a while… but that is still at least a few months away as I still have about 2 weeks in Europe and the middle East and then will be in Hong Kong and China for at least a few weeks, then likely other parts of asia.

Anyway, I am in Vienna now… Vienna is the first place I have been that says I am in Western Europe… very nice, tons of beautiful architecture… very civilized… maybe even a bit too much, but that is okay… after having been in places like Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico etc. it is kinda nice to be in a place that is highly polished and clean.

But it is too expensive here for my liking, so I will leave tomorrow for Prague, which I hear from many different sources is a very cool place… until then!