Czech, Czech, Czech it out y’all

I took a train from Vienna to Prague yesterday. When I first arrived, in the first 2 hours, I noticed about 5-7 people with some sort of laceration on their face… usually a welt/wound below their eye… I have NO idea if this was just a coincidence or not, but thought that it was a bit strange.

Later that night I went to the only casino with Texas Hold ’em Poker in town, called Casino Blanco. I met a guy from Toronto and another guy from LA, both their by themselves like me… they were both really cool so we ended up hanging out all night and had a great time. But there were two older guys at the poker table with tattoos and stuff, and they weren’t very friendly. A local there was telling us they were ‘mafia’ and we should be careful around them… lol. Man, mafia/gang people are so lame… they only think they are tough because of their guns and all their friends behind them… Put them by themselves, with no weapons and they 9 times out of 10 are the most weak, scared people.

Anyway… I am not sure if all these people with wounds on their face are related to some sort of gang activity or what… maybe there was just a big roller derby last week or something?!

Other than that strange coincidence and the two lame “mafia” losers, who I took most of their money from (they seemed pretty upset at one point… but didn’t say a word to me, of course… just acting tough), Prague seems really cool! (side note: why don’t we legalize all drugs and prostitution and get rid of all these mafia losers?)

I have a great hotel right near the main square… surrounded by fast food restaurants of all different types (McDonalds, KFC, Donair place, Chinese place), so that makes me happy! Plus my hotel has wired and wireless internet, so I am pretty content at the moment!

The main shopping/dining area is really cool… its quite huge, and surrounded by quite neat, large churches and big official looking buildings. Its got a cool vibe here… everyone seems cool and are all easy to talk to. There seems to be a lot of tourists here (Canada, USA, Australia (of course Australia!), Russia), which I found a bit surprising… I didn’t realize Prague was such a tourist destination… but I can see why it is… very cool here. Even on a Tuesday night there were numerous places that were very happening, even late into the night.

I think I will stay here until Saturday, maybe even Sunday because I like it so much. Then I have to decide on either Milan, Amsterdam or Paris before I head to London to go east in a little over a week. I think I will try to hit Italy, just out of my love for pasta alone… and then I think it is requisite I at least go to France for a day or two to see the other half of my heritage (I saw Scotland, my other half, about a month ago…)

There is a possibility I might go to Oslo on some business too in the next week but we’ll see if that works out.