Prague Baby

I am officially a big fan of Prague. What a great place… most of the people are really nice… really nice looking city with great vibe.

I was hanging with a few friends I met a few nights ago last night… these guys are hilarious… they call each other Don, even though that isn’t either of their names, and they call me Don too… ? ha, they are hilarious

But anyway, I was hanging with Don last night and we went to an interesting bar… can’t remember the name… ‘something’ Music Club… its in Old Town. It seems like a little pub, but the more you walk through the little hallways you find different rooms with different music… its pretty cool. One of the rooms kinda has strippers… that room is FULL of guys, just standing there watching drinking beer… so Don and I were like, hmmm, this place kinda sucks… its just got a few small pub like rooms, and then one stripper room full of guys… but then we walked a little further downstairs and found another room playing Hip Hop, and that room was FULL of girls… like 3 guys, 50 girls.

Don and I were very thankful for that stripper room taking all the guys out, lol!

So, anyway, it is Sunday now and I am actually contemplating staying longer here… but I need to be in London on Thursday… and I really wanted to hit France… so I am considering going to France on Monday for 2 days before London… but will decide later today.

I need a few days off… I got into Prague on Tuesday and from Tuesday until Saturday I was out until 6am every single night!?! This place is crazy.

It’s been kinda cool cuz each night I was sorta hanging with someone different. The first two nights I hung out with this guy from Toronto I met playing poker… then I hung out with the Don’s a few nights… and one night a beautiful Czech girl showed me a whole different side of Prague I didn’t even know about… took me to all the exclusive, upscale places.

And then last night I was just hanging with the one Don, cuz the other Don left that day… and then we hung out with some girls from Austria all night. One of the Austrian girls was stunningly beautiful too. There are a lot of beautiful girls in this part of the world.

Just an fyi though, the Dons were telling me that they heard that Estonia is the best place in the world for beautiful, easy to meet, women… they said it is even better than Brazil… I wish I had more time in Europe, I woulda definitely checked that place out… maybe I’ll take the Orient Express from China to Moscow and then Estonia after asia… hmmmmmm……

There are lots more cool things I can say about Prague… like for example, my hotel was full so I had to leave today so I just walked around a bit.. saw a little boutique hotel, looked nice… The rooms were 1500 crowns for a single, which works out to about $60 USD, so very reasonable… and it has high speed internet in the room… but the room I got is huge.. it has about 3 bedrooms and a kitchen!! Not bad for $60!

Anyway… Highly recommend Prague. If I had to rate the places in Europe I’ve been, it’d be very difficult because all of them (except Scotland… but I was only in Glasgow and barely even went out) were fantastic… but if you want to go somewhere cool, not too expensive, and lively… Prague should definitely be on your list. If I had to choose between Budapest, Prague and Bratislava, Prague would definitely win… Budapest was great… Bratislava was great too, but Bratislava is very small so it is good for a short stopover in between Budapest and Prague/Vienna.

That’s it for now!