Panyu – Part II

There were 2 other things that happened on my first 24 hours in Panyu that were fairly interesting… a motorcycle collission and a confusing story about cake:

motorcycle: After our business drinking lunch (btw, here are a couple pics from that day pic 1, pic2), our driver was whisking us through the hills, about 3 hours north of Panyu… the road was paved but extremely narrow, only enough for one car to go down… and it was very curvy… we had been up in the mountains looking at a hydro power plant (don’t ask).

We came around one corner and I saw these two chinese dudes on a motorbike coming right at us… I don’t know if our driver drank too much or if he just has the reflexes of a 3 toed sloth, but he didn’t even tap the breaks… the bike smacked off our front left bumper and propelled the two chinese dudes into the bushes.

I was the first one out of the car to check on them… no one else seemed that interested… but when I got to them, they were both sitting there in the bush, looking like scared children (one looked 50, the other about 30)… I then realized that with my broken cantonese I couldn’t really say anything, and somehow Lay Ho ma (how are you), didn’t quite seem appropriate…

The other people in my car just got out and surveyed the damage on their car… then finally they walked over to the two bleeding motorcycle guys and started yelling at them. There was an argument for about 10 minutes and then my driver gave them 200 yuan (about $30) and we left.

Cake: The night before we were at a nightclub and there were these girls at a table beside us who were really excited about us (I have yet to see a white person here so I think we are kind of like exotic animals)… they kept wanting to shoot beers with us (they must get this from their fathers!!)… anyway, one seemed to like me… and she was really cute… 19 years old…

I was with a guy who spoke Cantonese so he talked to her… she then wrote down a bunch of chinese writing and gave it to him to give to me… I asked him what it says and he said it is an address… here is the rest of the convo:

me: an address to where?
john: i think a bakery
me: why?
john: she told me to tell you she makes really good cake
me: ??? cake?
john: yes
me: does she mean something else when she says cake??
john: i don’t think so
john: she says she would like to make you a cake
me: cake?
john: yes… but i am a little bit confused, she says she works at a 24 hour cake shop
me: is there a possiblity there is something being lost in translation here?
john: i don’t think so
me: well, what if i don’t like cake
john: well…. i think she’d be really disappointed