beer drinking crazy chinese

Danny and I met this beautiful asian girl in the hotel and she took us out on the town in Panyu on Friday night.

Once again, though, she repeated the same mantra we have heard the entire time we have been here, which is “Drink! Drink!”… what is with these chinese people and slamming back beers?!?

Danny got killed at lunch the other day with all the chinese politicians… and he got pretty obliterated the night before by the cake girl and her crazy dancing friends… and then on Friday night he got it again… this was hilarious!

We sit down at a table and, I don’t even know who ordered it, but they brought over a BUCKET of 12 beer’s for the 3 of us… every bar in China seems to have this dice game at the table and this one was no different… so we started playing it…

It is a fairly simple game where you basically bet whether or not someone has what they say they have or not… the game is called Bull$hit. It seemed simple enough, but this girl was SOOOO good at this game… like, freakishly good, she guessed almost every single time Danny was lying, and when he wasn’t…. Whenever you lose, you have to pound back, you guessed it, an 8 ounce glass of beer?!?!?!

Danny must have lost 15 of the first 20 games we played in the first 30 minutes!!! This girl kept beating him… I was dying laughing…

Danny and I are going to Guangzhou tonight, just for the night as we heard that is a cool spot to be on Saturday night… We either have to get a lot better at this dice game, or find a way to avoid getting involved in it, or Danny is gonna die… I don’t think he will ever forget his time in China though, I’ll give it that!