Shanghai Surprise

This is just a quick note as things have been crazy and I am back in Hong Kong, but am now going back to China again.

I am in HK at the moment, working on some deals. For those who are asian or who know asian movie culture, I just kicked Eric Tsang and Jackie Chan’s ass at pool. Actually many times… its the most money I have made in a while. 😛

So, ya, am in HK tonight, for some biz meetings… not sure how much of this I should print, as usual, as most of these biz meetings with celebs and stuff are pretty nuts. Ok, I will print this much… one of the HK movie stars I was hanging with tonight says something about me being from Vancouver and then says something about weed… the next thing I know he challenges me and says, “15 minutes!”… about 30 minutes later (I ribbed him about that big time) he comes up with this huge water bong and weed packaged in professional looking tubular packaging, full with labels on it and everything?!?!? never seen anything like that before.

Anyway, we are at this big round table having a biz meeting, at 1am, and he breaks out this bong…

Ha, anyway, things went downhill from there… I totally don’t like weed so I abstained, but it was very funny none the less.

But, ya, just another day of biz in HK… now I am going back to Panyu for a day, golfing with the Governor of that province on Friday… I can’t tell you what we are doing exactly there as it hasn’t been announced yet, but it is a big movie studio development…

And then I am back in Guangzhou for one night, visiting a girl named Chocolate who I met but couldn’t spend more time with because I was with the President’s daughter the last time I was there (see below).

And then on Saturday I am going to Shanghai for a while.

So, as usual, never a dull moment… but man I need sleep big time. I seriously could use a week on the beach in Koh Samui or Philippines and will be looking for any excuse to get there soon.