My Phone Got Shanghaied

Well, my 12 year long streak of never losing my cell phone has come to an end. I am not sure if it was stolen or if I lost it… maybe even Chocolate took it… but the end result is my phone is gone. I called AT&T and cancelled my # in the US as I didn’t really want my LA # anymore anyway… I may get a new phone at some time in the next few weeks and then will just have to decide where to get a #… it will likely be in Canada, HK or China (although Brazil still lingers in my conciousness).

BTW, did you know where the term “shanghaied” came from? Shanghai has an amazing history… about 80 years ago this place was home to people from all over the world… military people from Britain, France, Germany, Japan and others all took up residence here, making this place the most wild, exotic, crazy and interesting city in the world. But the navy’s, and merchant ships had such a hard time getting their sailors to leave and get back on the ship they had to drug them and steal them… that is where the term “Shanghaied” came from.

The way it is going this may be the only way you will ever get me out of here too 😛