I put the F in WTF!!!

After staying out in the woods in Da Qiao, an 8 hour car ride through “roads� that make dirt paths look like clean, fresh pavement, and freezing my a$$ off, I was like, “I am going to Thailand asap!�…

I arrived in Bangkok a few nights ago… I haven’t even had time to write or do anything because I have been so busy the last few days… lets put it this way, Bangkok is one great, great place.

I have to say, Asia in general just seems like it is the place to be for me… I can’t seem to go wrong here. Bangkok is yet another example, here are some details.

I met this girl my first night here… pretty much within minutes of being in the city… she was incredibly beautiful, 22, and she totally loved me… like she basically assaulted me the minute she saw me… I was actually pretty surprised… I have kinda been hanging with her the last few nights… she always has these really, really beautiful girls with her and I never really asked why… but I also noticed everywhere we go people stare at us like crazy.

Well it turns out this girl is a star on some Thai TV series… I was going to go to Phuket and she also mentioned she is being flown down there in a couple days to do bikini shoots for some mag for a week… so she said I should come with her and just stay with her since everything is comped.

She was really excited the other night and called me, she just closed a deal with Chatelaine (I think that was the mag.. one of those big girl mags) for $2m Thai Baht (that’s about $40,000 USD) to do the next cover next month… she will be flying to Indonesia to do that… she asked me to come there too but I have to be in Beijing and then Van/NYC and maybe SF on business during that time.

But here is where it gets just really crazy… she invited me to a Halloween party tonight with her but told me she is a bit scared because the whole party will just be celeb actresses and models and she is worried I will leave her for one of them… which actually, she should be a bit worried 😛 But, in talking to her she mentioned that the last couple of years she has been “confusedâ€? and she thinks she also likes girls.

So, anyway, all I have been doing in Bangkok is hanging out with celeb actresses and models (all of whom seem to think I am awesome), and will be going to Phuket to hang for free at her hotel while she does bikini shoots… and there is a definite (and believe me I am encouraging it) possibility that she may bring home another hot actress/model…

Obviously, I will never be leaving asia ever again.