Who stays in Bangkok this long??

Well it has been an interesting week. I was initially going to go to Phuket, Malaysia and Indonesia but I am still in Bangkok.

Turns out that actress girl is a bit nuts… kinda broke it off with her twice now… both times had to have hotel security come and take her away… last night she spent all night outside my hotel door… crying… the funny thing is, she can’t say L’s or R’s, as most asian people can’t… so all night it was “Jeff… i’m solly… i’m solly…. Pweeease! Jeff… Pwwweaase!!!”… it was like having a chemically imbalanced Tweety Bird outside all night.

She eventually went away and spent most of today emailing me every minute or so… ALL DAY. Ah well… I have moved hotels now and she hopefully can’t find me again. Yeesh… I think every young ‘celebrity’ i have ever met is messed up psychologically…

So anyway, I have met a new friend already and this girl seems much more mentally balanced…

Not sure what I am going to do now but I need to be in Beijing for a mining show in a week… I may try to hit Phuket for a few days to get some sun between now and then.

Then from Beijing I will be in Vancouver from Nov 16-20, then NYC from Nov 20-23, then I think Vancouver again after that for a bit. Not sure… maybe SF for a mining show on Nov 27 for 2 days.

Then after that I have to make a decision… depending on how some meetings go in Vancouver and NYC, I may stay in Canada for a bit or I may just return to Asia. I still would really like to move to China for a while, learn mandarin and do some business there… but we’ll see.