Hey I actually left Bangkok!

What a crazy couple weeks in Bangkok. Actually, Thailand in general is… I don’t even know how to explain it… mind altering? And I haven’t even taken any drugs!

I am in Phuket now, and before I get to talking about Phuket, here is the last update on Bangkok…

The last few days I was hanging with a girl named S. Yes, like the letter.

I think a lot gets lost in translation… here was one of my convo’s with her:

Me: How did you get the name S??
S: Well! My one brothers name is ‘Art’… and my other brothers name is ‘Chris’… so! (points at herself as though it was totally obvious)… so I am S!

Haha… dunno what that was all about… but I finally decided to get out of Bangkok… I am so white right now it is painful so I decided before I go do my tour of cold places (Beijing, NYC, Edmonton, Vancouver!) I would go to the beach for two days.

It is my first day in Phuket and it is 3pm and I haven’t gotten to the beach yet… I am just basically waking up after one of the strangest nights of my life.

I don’t even know how to explain this place… it is totally, bizarelly, weirdly crazy. There are thousands of girls everywhere… but some of them aren’t girls… and some that you think might be boys, are actually girls… Everywhere I go, girls, and I guess some are boys, jump on me… literally… i get dragged into alleys… groped… grabbed… prodded… poked… what a bizarre, bizarre place… I have seen stuff like this in movies before but I thought it either didn’t exist or it used to exist but doesn’t anymore… but nope, it exists…

I spent last night with some ‘friends’… one is actually unbelievably beautiful… like almost too beautiful. I heard that if girls here are TOO beautiful then they are usually guys.. and she kinda had a deep voice… so I was like, hmmmmm, i dunno… I kept asking her if she was a boy… you’d think she would actually get pissed off but she is so good natured that she just laughed. She actually was a girl… their lifestyle and way of thinking here is very different than most places… she is a crazy, fun girl… her apartment has a lot of buddha stuff and she plays this really really good, cool indian music (i have to find it… if you hear any really good indian/buddhist modern sounding music… kinda sounds like Enya… let me know… I want to find it).

Anyway… I am going to go to the beach with her now… I really can’t explain how this place is.. you just have to see it for yourself I guess… lets just say it makes you open your mind… we’ll see if I keep enjoying it as much as I have so far, but so far it has been, to say the least, an experience.