Phuket… and then back to China

I am writing this from the airplane on my way from Phuket to Beijing. While I had a really amazing time in Phuket, I am paying for it right now as I feel like crap. I think my body needs to detox for a while… being in cold Beijing, rainy Vancouver and freezing cold NYC and Edmonton for a little while should be hopefully the change of pace I need to get healthy again…

I don’t even know where to begin on Phuket… what a crazy few days. I met so many interesting people… the kind of people you would never even guess exist. Where should I begin?

That girl I met the first night was by far the most interesting and unique girl. I still haven’t gotten over how different she was from anything I have ever seen on this planet. Hopefully I can get pics so you can see physically what I mean… but mentally she was so different too. I really realized on this trip just how different Thai girls are from Chinese girls (or other asian countries).

One of the other things I realized there is just how poor many of these girls are… I was talking to a guy there who knows the area pretty well and he told me a lot of the girls that are in Phuket come there from the country… he says many of them, in the country, will work ALL day, every day at menial jobs (ie. Farming or whatever)… in compensation they will get food to eat and maybe a place to stay (ie. Like a hut or something) and about $150 per year in cash!?!?! He says they all come here to work and/or to find a bf who can take care of them… I talked to many and generally if someone sends them $300-$500/month they will be their gf… they generally send a lot of that cash home to support their family. You see A LOT of old fat white guys here walking around with beautiful young girls… I went to one girls ‘home’ yesterday for a sec as she had to pick something up… she was living in a one room (not one bedroom, just a small room) little apt with a bed in it with FIVE other girls?!? They pay $100/month for it… crazy.

It is all kinda sad… especially because so many of them seem to be so nice and kind. However, its not like you can tell they are unhappy… in fact, many of them seem to be very happy and are all good natured and really good people.

Anyway, I am apparently one of the most sought after people in that town… being young(er), decent looking and white… I had so many girls fighting over me it was just bizarre.

I think I originally planned on coming from China to Thailand for a ‘couple’ of days, mostly just to quickly hit the beach and get some sun, then move on… but ended up spending nearly two weeks there… and if I didn’t have to go, I likely would have stayed longer. What a crazy, interesting place. I can’t even count how many people I met… almost all of whom were some of the nicest, sweetest people I have ever met (even psycho… she just gets a little angry whenever you try to leave). 😛 And thanks to email, I already am receiving dozens of emails per day from all the girls I met there… all telling me they will never forget me and they will wait for me to come back… they are all so sweet and beautiful it is really difficult as I would really like to make them all happy, but obviously can’t… well i guess i could try 😛

I don’t think I will ever forget my time in Thailand! I already miss it!