yawn… north america

Obviously being in NYC and Vancouver I don’t have a lot of updates… although I have been having a pretty good time in both places, it really just doesn’t compare with Asia… or Europe… well, I guess anywhere. How did Canada and the US get so homogenized? At least Mexico makes North America livable… although if you are looking for a fairly boring, stable life, Canada and the US is the place for you…

I have been having a good time meeting up with many of my friends though, so that has been cool.

But I really, really miss asia… especially Thailand. I left far too soon and I think I will head back very soon.

In the meantime here are a couple pictures of a few friends I made in Thailand… you can likely see why I am wanting to go back… note that some are R rated.

This is the hot, cool girl I talked about below, named Jeab

Another pic of Jeab

A girl in Bangkok

Another girl in Bangkok, this is S… she is the one in the middle… note the one on the right is a ladyboy… see what I mean about Thailand??

S with different hairstyle

That’s it for now. Go Eskimos!! Grey Cup Sunday is 2 days away, first CFL game I have seen all year and I can’t wait!