Jetragged… still in my room

Well I have almost been in Taiwan for 48 hours now, and have really barely even left my room.. mostly been sleeping all day and up working all night… but its been good, I needed a few days of sleep after my last 2 days in Vancouver.

In the meantime I have gotten hooked up with a few people who I know or who I know through friends, so will be goin out on the town tonight (Tuesday) as well as tomorrow night… and I am sure on the weekend as well.

I have just done some cursory websurfing checking out the scene here, and low and behold, it is a million times better than anything in Canamerica. I have stopped being surprised anymore… all I know, for sure, is that one of the worst places in the world for nightlife is Canamerica.

As an example, just check out this club, one of dozens here in Taipei, called Luxy (… and to get a real sense for how cool this place is check out this video: mms:// And that is just one of many… there is a Ministry of Sound here as well…

Man, I can’t believe I spent most of my life in Canamerica… oh well, I am making up for it now bigtime… I am glad I have this chance because I would have just been sick if I found out about all these places when I was too old to enjoy them (I should be too old right now, but, well, no one seems to notice so screw it!).

As for how long I will stay in Taipei, I really don’t know. I heard there is another cool city south of here called Taichung I may check out. It would be warmer down there too, that would be nice. Taipei is kinda cool and overcast in the winter (avg temp around 15)… so would prefer to make my way to warmer climes in southern Taiwan, or maybe Philippines at some point. But I have yet to even see Taipei so will wait and see if this city is as cool as it looks.

My hotel is great for the money… for $44 USD, taxes, internet and breakfast included, it is great. It is nice and quiet and seems to be quite central… and everyone here is so nice… there is even this old Taiwanese lady who makes me breakfast every morning… little does she know it is actually lunch/dinner for me… but it is good anyway!