Type-A Personality

Joanne Bondoc, a girl who used to work at SH, has a brother who has been living here in Taipei for a few months so she hooked me up with him… it was a Tuesday night, so a bit quiet, but we managed to have a pretty fun night.

I slept through most of Wednesday and tonight (Thursday) I have a Stockgroup board conf call at 1am, so that puts a bit of a kibbosh on the whole evening, so I will take this evening off too.

When I first arrived in Taipei, I came straight to this hotel and basically the first girl I saw in Taipei was the girl at the hotel reception desk. She is really cute but after 18 hours in transit I wasn’t really in the mood… but I definitely remembered her… the next day she wasn’t there and I was sad… but today she was there and I talked to her and we are going to go out together on Friday night… hows that for moving quick? First girl I even saw in town! Will try to get a pic of her, she is really cute and has the cutest accent (don’t know how well that translates on film though)…

I totally wasn’t intending to take a tourist-like photo but I found myself at the base of the worlds tallest building, called 101 today, as I was walking to a shopping center… and since I promised to take more pics I thought I’d do a semi-tourist pic… you can tell by my impression I am not very impressed with myself!. Here it is.

I have come to an agreement with the group who want to develop a large movie studio in China and will go there in early January to help build the company. I’ll be based in Panyu, again… Panyu is a short drive from Guangzhou and is about 2 hours from Hong Kong. It’ll be interesting to see how things develop… my role with the company should be interesting also… amongst other things, one of my main roles will be to schmooze with HK and China moviestars.

Also, the princess girl who’s dad is the President of China that I met last time I was in town lives there, so maybe she’ll let me use the camo SUV and driver when she’s not using it… If so, if you come visit me i’ll probably be hanging out with Jackie Chan and driving around town in my gf’s military convoy… the life of Berwick continues to be legendary.

That’s it for now. But because I jumped into another new adventure I will not have the leisure to take my time roaming through the rest of asia, so not sure what I am going to do.. I’ve basically got a little more than 2 weeks til I need to be in China… we’ll see how this weekend goes with this girl on Friday, and out partyin on Saturday… then I’ll make up my mind. If things go well with this girl I may just hang around here for a bit… having her right in the hotel just totally adds to the appeal… what a great hotel!

If I do decide to take off from Taiwan next week I think I will go to the Philippines, since it is so close, and warm. But that is a whole other few days away… far too far in the future to even bother thinking too much about yet.

I better get back to my jetlag…