To the beach!

I’ve been having a crazy time in Manila. The nightlife here isn’t as great as I expected, however.

Most of the nightclubs are very, very small (like the size of your living room small) and the people at them don’t really seem to be very sociable… mostly sitting in groups… and they aren’t even that great looking of a crowd (there are a lot of pretty filipinas so I expected to see them all at the clubs, but they are no where to be seen).

It’s funny because when I was doing some research on the virtual interweb, a lot of the local philipinos said things like, “the bars at Greenbelt are world class”… I hate to tell them, but they don’t even rank up there with Edmonton bars in terms of size and amount of people dancing etc. I would barely even call any of them nightclubs… they almost just seem like small little private parties in someones small apartment. Ah well, the go go bars make up for it anyway… and there is dozens and dozens of them… it is so funny to walk into bar after bar and there is literally 30 or 40 girls in there and no guys and of course the second you walk in all eyes are on you (and more likely your wallet).

If you do come here, the “better” clubs are V Bar at Ayala Center, Absinth at the Greenbelt mall, and Embassy at Fort Bonifacio. But really, they were all very disappointing, even though I think I saw V Bar on Wild On E! (tv show) and it looked a lot better than when I was there… maybe xmas is a slow time here.

HOWEVER, the “go go” bars are absolutely crazy. They should be how the nightclubs are. Like I said, my hotel is in the ‘trendy’ Makati area and I am a block from P Burgos street… a street jammed with Go Go bars. I walked into one last night after being disappointed by the nightclubs here… it was called The Bronx… it looked like a nightclub inside, but EVERY single person in there was a girl… no guys. Essentially the girls make money if they get you to drink or if you buy them drinks etc.

As in Thailand, everywhere I go I get just mobbed… I must’ve had 5 or 6 girls all dancing on me at one point… some were very cute.

I have been taking many, many girls home every night here (like 2 at a time, each night really)… I am beginning to wonder where my life is heading… it is pretty nuts… I keep getting more and more crazy… more drinking… more girls… there has to be a law of diminishing returns here at some point… or maybe I passed that years ago? Ah well… its been fun.

Anyway, one of the girls is cute and interesting/smart/funny… her name is Marie… I was thinking of going to Boracay anyway so I asked her if she wanted to go.. so tomorrow I think I will go to Boracay with her for about 4 days of fun on the beach.

After that I am going to Thailand to see some of my Thai gf’s for a bit, and then it is to HK for a couple days to hook up with Hani and get my Chinese visa and then I’ll be in chingy chong land for a while working on this movie deal.

That’s it for now… I better get back to my bizarre life.