It just got crazier

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier…

So I went to the airport with a girl named Theresa (Maria Theresa) from Manila and we hopped on a plane to Boracay.

When we got here pretty much every hotel was full and charging nearly double their regular rates for the “super peak” xmas-new year week… add yet another reason to my list of why I don’t like xmas.

We stayed at a hotel called the Regency the first night but the next day we had to hussle around to try to find a place… most places were full or ridiculously expensive, then we ended up at a place called Patio Pacific. There was a guy at the front desk and I walked up and saw that their regular rates were $120/night, so presumed that for Super Peak it would be closer to $200… and I didn’t even think they would have a room.

But the guy seemed really helpful and he was like, “we are full but I can get you a room”… and I was like, ok?? I asked him how much and he says, $80/night for you… I was confused but said, ok I’ll take it.

Theresa spoke to him the next morning and then she told me that the guy at the front desk was gay and he gave me the room and the really cheap rate because he likes me… haha. I’ll take it (the room, not him, thank you very much).

Ok, that wasn’t the crazy part… I just thought that was funny… it is good to be me i tell ya…

Ok, here is the crazy part. So I am with Theresa and she is fabulous and we are having an amazing time… and the main reason I even took her was because she said she likes to see me with other girls. Boracay is FULL of Korean tourists and I have always liked Korean girls so I told Theresa i really want one. So we went out last night and she is asking me which girls I want and going to talk to them for me etc… I was kinda sad though because all the Korean girls seem to disappear with their families at night… I didn’t see many out at all… anyway, we both got pretty drunk and at one point I was just going from girl to girl making out with them… and I chose one and told Theresa I was going to take her back to the hotel… Theresa said she would come back in a bit, she wanted to hang out a bit more.

So I went back to the hotel and was in bed with this girl… and then an hour later Theresa walks in with this super, super cute young Korean girl… she looked around 18 and she was quite drunk to the point I don’t even really know if she knew exactly what was happening.

But as soon as I saw this Korean girl I was so excited so I kicked the other girl who was already in my bed out…

Haha, anyway, things went on from there, but you pretty much get the point.

So I spent my xmas in paradise, in more ways than one.

Boracay is pretty cool… very laid back and very mellow. I have never seen sand like the sand here… I am not even sure it is sand, it feels like white powder. I even took a pic of it on my feet to show you how it looks… it feels amazing, so soft. Here is a quick snapshot of the beach. It was overcast most of the day but still nice and warm and pleasant… went jetskiing which was fun, the water is really nice.

To end today’s update with a laugh, check out this poster I saw on one of the streets for Een Face. I love the tag line, Anti-Infective for Fighting Cocks, Dogs and Cats. I hate it when my fighting cock gets infected.

I better get back out there, I saw a new boatload of Koreans come in today… 😉