Sinking/Update/The Internet/Political Comment

SINKING: Siu Yin forwarded me this tv commercial which I thought was pretty funny considering this was pretty much exactly what happened to Elsie and I last summer… although the guy I was talking to was some drunk navy guy who had NO interest in saving us whatsoever. It’s all good, Elsie had never been surfing before so that was a good opportunity. Here is the commercial

UPDATE: I was in Bangkok for the last week… found a great hotel for less than $25 USD per night (Ibis Siam Hotel) so was there, worked most of the day from my hotel room on my laptop and have been living well lately… hardly any drinking/partying and mostly just working and working out etc… and it didn’t look like I needed to get back to HK/China for at least another few days so on Monday I hopped on a $50 flight to Phuket with my BKK gf… have been here for a few days, has been nice… getting some sun and working during the day… am currently at a hotel with wifi and decent pool so has been good

THE INTERNET: And now it is time for my rant of the day… finding, getting and paying for internet access… you would think that since it is now 2006, the internet has been around for more than a decade… that it would be easier to get on the thing. But more often than not, I find myself on treks searching for the ever elusive signal. My favorite is when I get a wifi connection at a hotel or airport and they don’t let me pay for the internet via wifi and instead ask me to go ‘walk’ somewhere to go buy internet. I was at a hotel in Bangkok a few months ago and ended up travelling across town to go “buy internet”… really, when you think about, the idea is bizarre… then today I checked into a new hotel which proclaimed its great free wifi service, but it didn’t work for me.. I spent about an hour this morning actually going through all their equipment finding the problem because they had NO CLUE… They didn’t speak very good english and while I am learning Thai, it just isn’t very good yet either so it was difficult, but finally narrowed it down to a wireless router on my floor… after checking diagnostics on most of their equipment this one was the problem… as usual, all it took was unplugging it and plugging it back in to make it work (why is this almost always the solution?)… anyway, I should have charged them about $300 for my consulting work but I was just happy to be on the web again.

POLITICAL COMMENT: I am getting more and more fed up with the worlds massively corrupt and fraudulent political and economic systems and it is really starting to show up more in my blog. 😛 Anyway, here is today’s: “Bush makes surprise visit to Afghanistan”… how lame is it that the so called most powerful person in the world can only go visit some of the small countries he has occupied under the veil of secrecy… and really only can go in and out to a very tiny “green zone” which is barely even safe… and then has to get outta there within hours or else he will get killed. Pretty pathetic. I challenge George to come visit me for an hour, we’ll see if he gets out of the room unscathed… actually he better watch it, if I even find he is in the same city as me he is in great danger… and yes I know the CIA is reading this… same challenge goes to those losers.