Zi What?

Ceebz and I sailed down from Barra de Navidad on Dec 28 to a place called Ixtapa/Zihautenjo. It was 200 miles, so took about 30 hours. We arrived mid afternoon at Marina Ixtapa. Ixtapa and Zihautenjo are actually two different cities, right beside each other. Z-town is sorta the older city and Ixtapa has the 5 star hotels and nicer new area.

Havent been here too long yet but we have already had some amazing hamburgers and the best shrimp tacos we have had in Mexico yet.

From what I can tell so far, it seems like this place is the place that Mexicans come to vacation. Hardly any Canadians or Americans here, which is a nice change. I definitely need to learn some more Spanish though, and may even take a crash course.

Ceebz and I will most likely spend New Years here and maybe head towards Acapulco (only 110 miles south) mid week next week.

Oh, and it is damn hot here! Oddly enough, the further south we go the hotter it gets. Gonna have to look into a/c for the boat soon… either that or melt.


The most heroic of voyages to Barra de Navidad

Antonio de Mendoza of Spain ‘discovered’ Barra Navidad on Christmas Day, 1564, thereby giving Barra Navidad its name (Navidad is Spanish for Christmas).

But, much more importantly in the grand scheme of things, Ceebz and I ‘discovered’ Barra Navidad on Christmas Eve, 2004. We will spend Christmas here, as seems appropriate, even despite the fact that Christmas is my least favorite day of the year.

All hatred towards Christmas aside, I think Antonio De Mendoza would be in awe of how Ceebz and I managed to discover Barra Navidad with only Radar, GPS, Depth Finder, VHF Radio, Satellite Internet, Satellite TV, numerous computing systems, flat screen TV, watermaker, fridge, freezer, stove and dual 18 hp Yanmar duesel engines. I wish he were alive today to meet us, because I am sure he would love to meet people as brave and daring as Ceebz and I.

The fact that Mendoza did it with no charts, fear of falling off the side of the earth, scurvy, no technology whatsoever, and had to fight the natives when he got here pales in comparison to the accomplishments of Capitan Berwick and his trusty 1st mate, Ceebz.

When Ceebz and I arrived we had to struggle with the checking in process of the local 5 star hotel marina also, where we then played a game of tennis before taking a dip in the pool and jacuzzi.

Ahh Mendoza, you pussy.

In all seriousness now, there actually is one thing much better about Ceebz and I, than the Spanish conquerers. Now that we are here, Ceebz and I, almost certainly, will not kill millions of Mexicans. We might, but I seriously doubt it… too much work. We may, in the spirit of it all, however, chase after a few Mexican girls and maybe loot and pillage somewhat.

Puerto Vallarta……

The trip from Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta was as easy as they come… light, but adequate winds, little to no seas… we arrived at noon (1pm Puerto Vallarta time… PV is Central time… we are actually so far east now we are nearly under the great lakes!).

One word describes PV so far: HOT. Has been in the low to mid 30’s and humid. The next few days are supposed to cool off tho, so that will be nice. I think I need to get A/C for the boat. The evenings are nice and comfortable but midday is very hot.

I seem to have gotten a small cold so will likely take it easy for a day or two. Then Ceebz and I have to decide whether to move on to Barra Navidad, Ixtapa and then Aculpulco so we could be in either Acupulco or Mexico City for New Years.

In the meantime, we have high speed wireless internet here at the marina so I am pretty happy.

On the road again…

Well, after a week in Mazatlan, Ceebz and I have decided it is time to move on… although this is pretty damn close to paradise we are always in search of the next. Ceebz and I will have fond memories of Joe’s Oyster Bar, where we were literally every night of the week. Our motto for this week is: The liver is evil and it must be punished!

At 8:30am on Sunday we will shove off for Puerto Vallarta, where oddly enough, I happened to be for New Years Eve 2000… would be kinda odd if I was there again for New Years, but Ceebz and I may try to push on to Aculpulco or possibly even Mexico City for New Years.

Puerto Vallarta is 200 miles S/SE of Mazatlan, so it will take us about a day and a half, so we expect to arrive in Puerto Vallarta in the afternoon on Monday, unless we sink on the way.

Seeya on the flip side, unless the cat actually flips

Hmm, Considering Ending the trip right here!

Mazatlan is so nice that I might just stay here!! We are staying in the marina of a 5 star hotel called El Cid. Literally right outside the door to my boat is beautiful swimming pools, food kiosks, drinks etc! I even have wireless high speed internet here and if i want to could take my laptop out to the pool and work from there!

Also adding to the enjoyment is the fact that Mazatlan in general is very cheap. Mike and I had a great, large sushi dinner last night with drinks and the cost came out to $40 total. We are paying $30/night to stay at El Cid, which split between Mike and I costs me $15 a day! We have access to all their amenities as well, which include tennis courts, golf course, gym etc!

So, it is quite possible I may just stay here forever. LOL. But knowing me I will likely want to get a move on by the weekend to discover more amazing destinations. Well, back to the pool. Yes, I know you hate me.

Made it to Mazatlan, limping

Well, after leaving Cabo with our engine jury-rigged in the ‘forward’ position, we crossed the Sea of Cortez. We had some good wind and averaged nearly 8 knots on my first significant crossing. It was approximately 200 nautical miles across the Sea of Cortez from Cabo to Mazatlan and we made it in about 28 hours.

When we got into Mazatlan I really only had use of one engine and that makes the catamaran very hard to steer because that engine is on one side… also, the entrance into the El Cid Marina is incredibly tight, so it was tough to even get in, then once we were in, the marina people pointed to our spot. It was a slip BESIDE another sailboat. I had very little maneuverable control of the boat but I somehow got us into the slip, beside the other boat, with only 2 feet of room to spare while Ceebz scurried to change dock lines and bumpers to the other side of the boat. I really have no idea how we didn’t nail the other boat or the dock, but we didn’t.

So, we are now in Mazatlan and it is hot and muggy. We need a beer. And with that, I will go get a beer…

Does work on a boat ever end?

Well, I have been working on this boat for about 6 months now, and it still seems like almost every day that we sail, something breaks, or tangles, or spews crap everywhere, or leaks diesel fuel etc…

So our spinnaker halyard got all fuxored in the jib mast on the last leg so I had to borrow a Bosun’s Chair from 2 guys named Jim and Tim, whom we met in a strip club, and went up the mast. Here is the pic of me WAY up there… believe me, it feels pretty damn high: PERCHED. Mike had the honor of hauling me up… his lats are now HUGE.

We left this morning for Mazatlan, but not before the port side engine decided to go into neutral and not come out of it, causing me to steer awkwardly through the marina, not knowing that the engine was in neutral… almost nailed a multi million dollar boat… but managed to just slide by and then get tied up to the fuel dock. We managed to put it into forward manually with our hands and decided to go to Mazatlan then worry about it. So we are about 3 hours out of Cabo right now… HOT (30c-35c), sunny, very little wind so are motorsailing, and flat seas. Hope this keeps up (could use a bit more wind, but don’t mind the flat seas one bit).

Cabo Dancer

It has been hot and sunny here and we have spent a fair amount of time on the beach. The beach here is very beautiful. But the highlight so far has been this guy… I can’t explain in words, you can only watch this video to discover the happiest, most rhythmically challenged man in the world: CABO DANCER! … loop it for extra fun!

That cost me $12 in satellite internet fees to upload but I am sure you will agree it was WELL worth it!

The first entry, let the journey begin

Well as all of you know I left LA and went to Vancouver in July and then came all the way down the pacific coast back to LA and then beyond in the fall. But all that is old news, so lets just start this off with Cabo in Mexico.

So, Ceebz and I arrived in Cabo along with Diana a few days ago… just hours before entering the harbour we hooked on TWO marlins in a row! The first I had on the line but it managed to get off quite quickly. Then Ceebz had one on and this thing was jumping out of the air literally dozens of times! It was nuts. I just managed to get my vid cam and catch a bit before Ceebz squeezed his trigger a little prematurely (isn’t that always the case with Ceebz!) and the line was too tight and the marlin snapped the line. That’s okay though because if we actually had to bring it into the boat I am pretty sure it would have killed all of us. Here is the vid: Marlin Vid.

So, we have been in Cabo for a few days now and it has been beautiful and warm.

My main intention with this blog for now is to update everyone on my whereabouts for when I finally go missing… and I also want to kick Ceeb’z blogs ass.

More updates to come soon… I know you can’t wait!! The saying for the day is, “Fish Taco’s Amigos!”